Etz-Trudell Lantern Slides of Asia

Pond with lily pads. Hand-colored lantern slide. 1900-1929. T. Enami, photographer. Fine Arts Library, Special Collections. VSCO 086 00350.


The 500 hand-colored lantern slides in this Fine Arts Library collection were acquired by Universalist minister Roger Frederick Etz (1886-1950); in 1934 he toured Asia and visited their mission in Japan.  Most of the images depict Japanese scenes, such as views of Mount Fuji, lakes or rice paddies; agricultural production, craftsmen and their workshops; and stores and merchandise displays. Also included are images showing silk production and tea harvesting; religious ceremonies and temples; and pilgrimage sites and shrines (in Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, etc.). A few slides depict the Ainu people, an ethnic minority.  The collection also contains a few images of monuments in India, Korea and the Philippines.

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