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Portolan chart of the Mediterranean and coast. Shows the location of ports, coastal features, rhumb lines, and other navigational aids. Harvard Map Collection.


With material ranging from a 16th century map of Jerusalem to a bird’s-eye view of trolley routes in New England in 1904, the dozens of plans, views, nautical charts, topographical surveys and city, state and county atlases included in the Digital Maps Collection give insights into urban development around the world. The collection provides access to an ever growing number of map images from both the antiquarian and modern collections, including unique cartographic treasures not available elsewhere, such as rare plans of Boston and Cambridge, numerous maps of other New England towns and counties, and plans and views of Paris, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Beijing and many other cities. Many maps in the collection are also available in georeferenced form, allowing scholars to overlay them with modern information to provide a unique view of geographical changes over time.

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