Canon HF-R32 Quick Start Guide

In addition to the camera, you should have a battery (already on the back of the camera), a charging cord and a USB cord. Please ensure that you have everything before taking the camera out.

WARNING: We strongly recommend that you initialize your SD card or the camera’s built in memory prior to recording.  If you don’t, a computer may not be able to access your files later. However, initializing your SD card or the camera’s built in memory will permanently delete all current files. To initialize, go to Home > Other Settings > (wrench icon) > Initialize / > choose built in memory or SD card > Initialize > Complete Initialization > Yes > Yes > OK > X .

To transfer your files from the camera or SD card, connect the camera to computer and import the files to a video editor.  You can also transfer directly from the SD card to some computers.  In this case, be sure to copy ALL files on the card – if you only copy the .MTS files, the computer’s video editor program may not be able to read the files.

When filming, make sure the lens cap is open by using the switch directly to the right of the lens. Remember to close it again before putting the camera away.

Beyond this, you can perform basic shooting just by ensuring that the settings are set to automatic and pressing the red record button at the back.

You can toggle between Automatic and Manual settings for more control by pressing the “Home” button on the inside of the screen, then Camera Mode > Auto/M.

If you choose to shoot without Automatic controls, your Manual controls are accessible either by selecting FUNC in the top left corner of the screen or by pressing Home > Main Functions.

The camera can record either onto the local hard drive or onto an external memory card. To select where you want your files to save, go to Home > Other Settings > (at the top) > Rec Media for Movies.

In the same menu, you can also determine the Recording Mode, which allows you to select the quality you want and balance that with the amount of memory you have. When selecting a Recording Mode, the camera will give you an estimate of the amount of time each will allow you to shoot for.

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Compiled by Adam Ganik, Multimedia Services in Lamont