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Riani, Paolo. 1970. Kenzo Tange. London: Hamlyn. Cover.

Riani, Paolo. 1970. Kenzo Tange. London:
Hamlyn. Cover.

2017 Philip Hofer Prize for Collecting
Books or Art

The Philip Hofer prize The Philip Hofer prize is awarded each year to students at Harvard whose collections of books or works of art best exemplify the traditions of breadth, coherence, and imagination represented by Philip Hofer, A.B. '21, L.H.D. '67, founder and first Curator of the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts in the Houghton Library and Secretary of the Fogg Art Museum. The prize, which is to encourage student interest in collecting, was established in 1987 by Melvin R. Seiden, A.B. '52, L.L.B. '55. Students competing for the prize submit an annotated list or bibliography and an essay describing the scope, contents, and goal of the collection. On exhibition are samples of this year’s first prize winning collection, Japanese Architecture and Design, 1868-1970, submitted by Gregory Joseph Logan, Master of Architecture I, 2017, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

For details, contact Lynn Sayers at 617-495-2455

Third floor display cases, Lamont Library,


2017 Undergraduate Book Collectiong Prize

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus.
The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure. New York: Henry Holt and
Company, 2000. Print Paperback. Illustrated by Berner, Rotraut Susanne. Translated by Heim, Michael Henry.
Page 31.

2017 Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize
Established in 1977, the Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting recognizes and encourages book collecting by undergraduates at Harvard. Students competing for the annual prize submit an annotated bibliography and an essay on their collecting efforts, the influence of mentors, the experience of searching for, organizing and caring for items, and the future direction of the collection. On display are samplings of the collections of this year’s prize-winning entries, along with personal commentary: first prize, Books That Count: Books and DVDs Calculated to Inspire Children and Young Adults to Explore the Wonderful World of Mathematics by Xavier González ’18; second prize, A Collection of the Classics and More; Unweeded, by Christopher Colby ’19; third prize, My Collection, or: How I Learned to Start Thinking and Fear the Bombers, by John Bourjaily ’17; third prize, Humans and the Environment: Works that Drew Me Closer to Nature, by Corey Husic ’17; third prize, Observing the Fall of Democracy in the Twentieth Century, by Richard
Yarrow ’19.

For details, contact Lynn Sayers at 617-495-2455

Second and third floor display cases, Lamont Library

Continuing Exhibitions

Mercator Globes
Exhibition includes Gerard Mercator's terrestrial (1541) and celestial (1551) globes that reflect new discoveries in world geography and cosmography as well as new techniques in charting, printing, and globe making. Only 22 matched pairs survive, Harvard's being the only matched pair in America.

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Mercator Case, Map Gallery Hall