Imaging Services Order Inquiry Forms

Imaging Services Order Inquiry Forms for Library Patrons

Requests for reproductions of items from the Harvard College Library collections will be considered, case-by-case, based on the policies of individual library repositories, legal constraints, assessments of the phyisical condition of the original material, and whether the requester agrees to the specified terms of use.

Distributed or Published Use

Copies of library materials that will be used in publications, public exhibitions, made accessible on computer networks, or within a broadcast or public performance

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Personal, Scholarly Use

Copies of library materials that will be used to support private study, research, or classroom teaching, and will not be shared or made accessible to others

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Imaging Services Order Inquiry Form for Harvard Library Staff

Inquiries for the reproductions of items for library patrons or for other library uses, such as preservation copies or exhibitions, should be submitted using the Staff Order Inquiry Form.

For inquiries regarding reformatting projects, please use the Collections Reformatting Inquiry Form.

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