Widener and Pusey Carrel Policy

All carrel holders agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. Violation of these rules may result in loss of carrel privileges. Widener Library is not responsible for lost or missing items left at/in carrels.

  • Charging Items
    Only Widener Library materials properly charged to a carrel may be kept at that carrel. Due to security risks, uncharged library materials including ones charged to a personal ID will be removed. Personal books may be left at a carrel.

  • Shared Carrel
    Due to high demand, more than one user will be assigned to each carrel. Please do not remove or interfere with materials left by others. Due to space limitations, carrel holders may utilize no more than 50% of his/her carrel shelving space at any given time. Do not leave personal items unattended.

  • Cabinet (Widener Only)
    Access code to a cabinet is available in the carrel holder’s Inscriptio account. This is shared among individuals assigned to each carrel, so do not leave valuables in a locked cabinet. Storing uncharged library materials in the locked cabinet is not allowed. Widener Library reserves the right to inspect locked cabinets and remove uncharged material.

  • Recalls
    All materials are subject to recall and removal by library staff. Therefore, materials must be easily accessible and may not be kept in the carrel cabinet.

  • Neatness
    Carrels are inspected routinely and any unwanted or unsightly materials will be removed. Use bulletin boards at each carrel: do not post anything to library walls.

  • Talking
    Noise levels must be held to a minimum. Conferences should not be held at carrel.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, photography, cell phones
    Usage of these is prohibited in the stacks. Food may be taken to the café on the ground floor and designated cell phone use areas are located in the outside vestibule of the main entrance, the cafĂ© or the corridor to the Mass Ave Entrance on the ground floor, including the public telephone alcove.

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