Cabot Library Selected New Acquisitions

  Title Author Publisher
Philosophy of science : a new introduction Gillian Barker, the University of Western Ontario, Philip Kitcher, Columbia University Oxford University Press, 2014
Understanding uncertainty Dennis V. Lindley, Minehead, Somerset, England John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014
Explorations in topology : map coloring, surfaces and knots David Gay Elsevier, 2013
Lucky planet : why Earth is exceptional-- and what that means for life in the universe David Waltham Basic Books, 2014
A chance for lasting survival : ecology and behavior of wild giant pandas = 继续生存的机会 Pan Wenshi, Lu Zhi, Zhu Xiaojian, Wang Dajun, Wang Hao, Long Yu, Fu Dali, and Zhou Xin ; edited by William J. McShea, Richard B. Harris, David Garshelis, and Wang Dajun Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2014
The mimetic finite difference method for elliptic problems Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, Konstantin Lipnikov. Gianmarco Manzini Springer, 2014
The prehistory of the Paximadi peninsula, Euboea Tracey Cullen et al. INSTAP Academic Press, c2013
The great prostate hoax : how big medicine hijacked the PSA test and caused a public health disaster Richard J. Ablin, PhD Palgrave Macmillan, a division of St. Martin's Press LLC, 2014
Frontiers in complex dynamics : in celebration of John Milnor's 80th birthday edited by Araceli Bonifant, Mikhail Lyubich, and Scott Sutherland Princeton University Press, 2014
Autistic transformations : Bion's theory and autistic phenomena Celia Fix Korbivcher Karnac Books, 2014
The rhetoric of pregnancy Marika Seigel The University of Chicago Press, 2013
Wild again : the struggle to save the black-footed ferret David Jachowski University of California Press, 2014
The art of data analysis : how to answer almost any question using basic statistics Kristin H. Jarman John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013
Truly human enhancement : a philosophical defense of limits Nicholas Agar MIT Press, 2014
The Great Plague : a people's history Evelyn Lord Yale University Press, 2014
Time and Petri nets Louchka Popova-Zeugmann Springer, 2013
Plants and the human brain David O. Kennedy Oxford University Press, 2014
Elevating geoscience in the southeastern United States : new ideas about old terranes : field guides for the GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Blacksburg, Virginia, 2014 edited by Christopher M. Bailey, Lorrie V. Coiner Geological Society of America, 2014
Three views of logic : mathematics, philosophy, and computer science Donald W. Loveland, Richard E. Hodel, S.G. Sterrett. Princeton University Press, 2014
Four lives : a celebration of Raymond Smullyan edited and with an introduction by Jason Rosenhouse Dover Publications, Inc., 2014
Yew Fred Hageneder Reaktion Books, 2013
The future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York Doubleday, a division of Random House, LLC, 2014
Chronic disease in the twentieth century : a history George Weisz Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014
Dementia and memory edited by Lars-Göran Nilsson, Nobuo Ohta Psychology Press, 2014

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