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Facsimiles of Illuminated Manuscripts and East Asian Scroll Painting

Illuminated Manuscripts

The Fine Arts Library holds a collection of over 300 full-color facsimiles of illuminated manuscripts including European medieval examples as well those from the Islamic, Byzantine and Jewish traditions.  These lavish works provide students with an opportunity to study a version of the original manuscript very close to that found in the original repository.  They also allow close comparison of manuscripts held in different collections and sometimes re-assemble manuscripts which have been dispersed.  As these items are sometimes difficult to locate in HOLLIS, a list of Harvard facsimiles is available on request. A guide to manuscript facsimiles available at Harvard has been prepared (a Harvard University ID is required to access this resource.)

Facsimile of the Prayerbook of Charles the Bold

Facsimile of the Prayerbook of Charles the Bold. Luzern, 2007. XCAGE ND3380.4 .C43 2007.

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East Asian Scroll Painting


Murasaki Shikibu, illustration by Tosa Mitsuoki who did a series on The Tale of Genji (17th century). US-PD

We also hold over 500 facsimile scrolls representing Chinese and Japanese painting from the 10th-19th centuries. The paintings are reproduced at the same size as the originals and include well known works from major museums. The scrolls are mounted for wall display like the original paintings and are often used in classroom presentations.

  • For information about these collections contact Nanni Deng, Asian Art Bibliographer.

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