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General Searching Tips

  • Use * to denote any character or sequence of characters:
    • City = han* will find holdings from Hanoi, but also Handan, Hangzhou, Hansong, etc.
    • Title = 國*聞 will find holdings for 杭州國民新聞, 北海道帝國大學新聞, 韓國新聞, and any other newspaper whose title contains 國 and 聞.
  • Use ? to denote any single character:
    • City = *n?h* will find holdings from Dinghai, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Sanghae, and any other city whose name contains somewhere within it an N, exactly one character, then an H.
    • Title = 國?聞 will find holdings for any newspaper with 國, exactly one character, and then 聞 in the title (for example, 中國新聞, 韓國新聞, and 帝國新聞).
  • Not sure why you got a particular result? Click the Click for more results icon to see more variants of the city and title.
  • About electronic format resources:
    • For online resources, you will see a link Go to resource next to "Elec" in the format column. Click this link to go to the resource.
    • If you don't see the Go to resource link, the resource is in CD-ROM or other non-web digital format.

Region, Language

  • Choose a specific Region to see only holdings from that area. To select multiple regions, hold down the Ctrl key while you click on your choices.
  • Choose a specific Language to see only holdings in that language.

City, Title, Call Number

  • The City and Title boxes search for keywords you type. If you type min bao into the Title box, you will see only holdings whose titles contain both the word min and the word bao, for instance, Ren min ri bao or Quan min bao.
  • The Call Number box is an exact search. If you are not sure of the exact call number, add a wildcard. For example, FC-N* will retrieve all microfilms for Chinese newspapers.
  • The search is case insensitive: uppercase and lowercase letters are treated identically. (Katakana and hiragana are not, however.)
  • Diacritics are not necessary: Soul will retrieve Sŏul, Saigon Sàigòn, Kyoto Kyōto etc.
  • The default display includes only primary titles and city names, so your search results may not exactly match your search term. Clicking the Click for more results icon will reveal all terms for that field, including alternate romanizations, English titles of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese papers, modern counterparts of historical place names, etc.
  • You may search using romanization or original script. For Chinese romanization, use pinyin; for Japanese, Hepburn; and for Korean, McCune-Reischauer. For pinyin searches, please put a space after each syllable unless it is a proper noun (e.g. Beijing xin wen hui bao, not Beijing xinwen huibao).
  • Searches in characters may retrieve results from different languages (e.g. 新聞 will find Chinese, Japanese, and Korean results). Select a language from the Language box to limit results to that language.
  • Chinese cities and titles may be searched in traditional 繁體字 or simplified 简体字 characters. Korean hanja 漢字 may be searched using hangul 한글.
  • You can enter at most ten words (separate search terms) in each box.


  • You can use the Year controls to search for holdings which contain a given year, or contain something that falls within a range of years, as follows:
    1. To find all newspapers from 1916, select "is exactly" and enter 1916 in the first box.
    2. To find all newspapers in the range between 1941 and 1945, change "is exactly" to "is between", enter 1941 in the first box and enter 1945 in the second box.


  • Choose one or more Formats to see holdings only in that specific form.
  • Electronic format finds links to newspaper databases to which Harvard subscribes. If you see a Go to resource link in the format column of the results page, click it to access the database. The websites of current newspapers are not included.

Harvard Depository

  • If you want to search only materials housed on-site at Harvard-Yenching Library, and exclude those housed at the Harvard Depository, click No under "Include holdings stored off-site at the Harvard Depository in this search?"

What’s Not Here?

  • Newspapers from East Asia held at other Harvard libraries, such as Fung, Widener, and Law. Look for these in HOLLIS.
  • Collections of newspaper articles on particular topics.
  • Newspaper titles found in large collections or databases may not be listed.


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