Manuscript Acquisitions, 2005-2006

348 linear ft; 49 collections and items

Items are listed in order of acquisition. Some unprocessed materials may not be available; consult Reading Room staff.  Items can be requested by their accession number (beginning *2005M-) or, if cataloged, call number.

*2005M-1 (b)  Lowell family. Albums, scrapbooks, and cabinet photographs, ca. 1860-1885. 1 box (7 v. + loose photos).  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-2  Sweezy, Paul Marlor, 1910-  Papers, ca. 1900-2004. 22 boxes (1 pf shelved at Houghton) Gift, Mrs. Zirel Sweezy.

*2005M-4 (b)  Smith, Logan Pearsall, 1865-1946.  Papers, including photographs, 1871-1946.  4 boxes + 1 folder.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-5  Houghton, Mifflin and Company.  Printed copy of Full circle, the memoirs of Anthony Eden, marked for production by Charles Rheault and others at Houghton Mifflin.                     1 v.  Gift, Charles A. Rheault.

*2005M-6 (b)  Inman, Arthur Crew, 1895-  Microfilm and suitcase.  1 suitcase + 1 box.  Gift, HarvardUniversity Press.

*2005M-7  Circolo italiano di Boston.  Secretary's book, 1943-1947.  Transferred from Widener (vol. 2-3 on 25 July 2005, vol. 1 and loose material December 2007).  MS Ital 181.

*2005M-8 (b)  Starr, Cecile, collector.  Material relating to Amy Clampitt, Robert Lowell, Carrie Starr, and others, 1947-1984. 1 box.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-10  Parks, Suzan-Lori. Suzan-Lori Parks papers, ca. 1967-2003. 21 boxes + 1 pf box
Gift, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, HarvardUniversity.

*2005M-11  New Directions Publishing Corp.  Additional records, ca. 1950-2005.  Gift, New Directions Publishing Corp.

*2005M-13  Hoagland, Edward.  Additional papers, ca. 1993-2005. 2 boxes.  Deposit, Edward Hoagland.

*2005M-15  American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Miscellaneous papers and objects. ca. 1 box.  Gift, Virginia Stowe.

*2005M-16  Muirhead, James F. (James Fullarton), 1853-1934.  Notes made in America relating to O.W. Holmes, 1888-1892.  1 folder.  Purchase, Cowett fund.

*2005M-18  New Republic.  Additional records, ca. 1976-2004.  7 boxes.  Gift, Martin Peretz.

*2005M-20  Wood, Grant, 1891-1942. Letters from Grant Wood and Nan Wood Graham to W.S. Hall, 1931-1933, with a tariff declaration by Diego Rivera, 1941.1 folder.  Gift, Michael Whelan for the Baker Street Irregulars papers.

*2005M-21  Hebrew manuscripts. Unidentified texts probably in Hebrew, undated.
1 volume.  Not previously accessioned.  Call number: MS Hebrew 117.

*2005M-22  Updike, John.  Papers, ca. 1997-2005.  2 boxes + 1 pf folder.  Deposit, John Updike.

*2005M-23  Roosevelt, Archibald, 1918-  Letters received, 1950-1977. 1 folder.  Gift, Mrs. Archibald B. Roosevelt, Jr. for the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.

*2005M-24  Chapman, John Jay, 1862-1933.  Letters to his son, Conrad Chapman, 1914.
2 items.  Gift, Geoffrey W. Chapman.  Call number:  MS Am 1854.7

*2005M-25  Vidal, Gore, 1925-  Additional papers, ca. 1979-2006. 7 boxes.  Gift, Gore Vidal.

*2005M-26 (b)  Kolisch, Rudolf, 1896-  Additional papers, ca. 1926-1955.  1 Hollinger box.  Gift, anonymous.  Call number:  b MS Mus 259

*2005M-32  Lowell, Amy, 1874-1925.  Amy Lowell material. 9 boxes.  Not previously accessioned.

*2005M-33 (f)  Viardot-García, Pauline, 1821-1910.  2 musical manuscripts, 3 letters, 1 note, and 1 printed concert announcement, 1845-1868.  1 folder.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-34 (b)  Carleton, Alford, 1903-1983.  Papers, circa 1930-1935.  1 box.  Purchase, Harmand B. Teplow Class of 1920 fund.

*2005M-35  Grolier Poetry Book Shop.  Additional records.  33 Paige + 2 pf  Gift, Louisa Solano; and part purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-36  Sanborn, H.B.  Poem addressed to Amos Bronson Alcott, 1881 Nov. 29.
1 leaf.  Not previously accessioned.  Call number: Autograph File: S

*2005M-37  Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962.  Letter to Claude Roger-Marx, 1938 Aug. 10.  1 sheet.  Not previously accessioned.  Call number: MS Am 1769

*2005M-38  Shattuck, Roger.  The banquet years by Roger Shattuck pp 249-271: Ts with annotations by E. E. Cummings, 1958.  3 leaves.  Not previously accessioned.  Call number: Autograph File: S

*2005M-39  Cummings, E. E.(Edward Estlin),1894-1962, recipient.  Letters from Pauline B. Barrington and Barbara Concannon, 1958 June 9 and undated.  2 leaves.  Not previously accessioned.  Call number:   MS Am 1769

*2005M-40  Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888.  L.M.A. Age 43 head examined Nov. 22nd 187[5] : Ms.  1 leaf.  Not previously accessioned.

*2005M-41 (pf)  Elliott, Richard, recipient.  Letters from Paul Bowles, John Ashbery, and others, with photographs, print, and other papers, ca. 1932-1 pf box.  Purchase, Douglas Roby Fund for the HarvardCollege Library. 

*2005M-43  Quine, W. V. (Willard Van Orman).  Correspondence with Ruth Barcan Marcus and others, (photocopies), 1958-1979.  1 folder.  Gift, Ruth Marcus.  Call number: MS Am 2587

*2005M-46  Zohn, Harry.  Harry Zohn archives, ca. 1950-2000.  12 boxes.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.  Call number: MS Ger 294

*2005M-47  Forman, Maurice Buxton.  Letter to unknown recipient, 1945 May 27.  1 folder.  Purchase, Louis J. Appell Jr. Fund for British Civilization and Amy Lowell fund.  Call number: Autograph file, F

*2005M-48  Savage, Emma.  Journal and schoolbook kept by a student of Amos Bronson Alcott, 1836.  1 v.  Purchase, Harmand B. Teplow fund.    Call number: MS Am 2562

*2005M-49  Ansen, Alan.  Papers, ca. 1962-2006.  4 boxes.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-50  Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.  Annotated newsclipping re W.H. Taft, 1912.
1 item.  Source???? For the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.

*2005M-51 (b)  Céline, Louis-Ferdinand,1894-1961.  Mort á crédit: typescript with manuscript additions, ca. 1932-1936. 1 box.  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund. Call number: MS Fr 491

*2005M-52 (b)  Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965.  Correspondence and other papers, ca. 1940-1956 and undated.  1 box.  Gift, Linda Benson.

*2005M-53 (pf)  Vidal, Gore, 1925-  "Best Man" poster, letter from Vidal to donor, and ballot sheet.  1 pf folder.  Gift, Robert E. Davis.  Call number: MS Am 2350

*2005M-54  Bailey, John, 1786-1835, recipient.Letters to John Bailey, 1818-1831.
1 folder.  Purchase, Harmand B. Teplow fund.

*2005M-55  Baker Street Irregulars (Organization : U.S.).  Papers, ca. 1936-1959.  2 boxes + 1 pf folder.  Gift, Baker Street Irregulars.

*2005M-56 (b)  Erikson, Erik H. (Erik Homburger), 1902-1994.  Additional Erik Erikson papers, ca. 1979-1992.  1 box.  Gift, Stephen Schlein.

*2005M-57  M., G., Jr.  Function of reason : manuscript notes on Whitehead lectures, 1936.
1 v.  Purchase, Andrew Oliver book fund.

*2005M-58  Prince, Luke, Jr.  Journal, 1836-1837.  1 v. (disbound).  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2005M-59 (f)  Polish manuscripts.  3 documents in Polish, 1801 and undated.  3 leaves
Transfer, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.

*2005M-60  Myrick, Charles.  Bill of sale of slaves to William Cowan, 1827.  1 leaf
Gift, John C. Messenger, Jr.

*2005M-61  Pantzer, Katharine F.  Short-title catalogue revision project records, ca. 1923-1997 (inclusive), ca. 1947-1992 (bulk).  ca. 100 cartons.  Gift, Lisa Pantzer; and internal transfer from administrative records.

*2005M-62 (b)  Pantzer, Katharine F., recipient.  Medals : Library Association Besterman, 1991, and Bibliographical Society, 1988.  2 medals in cases.  Gift, Lisa Pantzer.

*2005M-63  Vendler, Helen Hennessy.  Additional papers and books.  4 boxes.  Deposit, Helen Vendler.

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