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Houghton Library

Theodore Roosevelt Collection E-Newsletter

Number 8
June 2012

Wallace Finley Dailey, Curator
Address: Houghton Library/Harvard University/Cambridge MA  02138
Telephone: 617.384.7938
Fax: 617.495.1376
E-mail: wfdailey@fas.harvard.edu

The Theodore Roosevelt Collection, housed in Harvard's Houghton and Widener libraries, is a major resource for study of the life and times of the 26th president of the United States. The collection originated as a research library opened in New York City by the Roosevelt Memorial Association in 1923. It was presented by that organization (known since 1953 as the Theodore Roosevelt Association), to Harvard University, Roosevelt's alma mater, in 1943. The collection includes manuscripts, archival resources, printed works, pictures, and ephemera relating to both his personal and professional life.

PRINTED WORKS:The OASIS supplementary printed works catalog has added another 160 entries (AAA2051-AAA2210), this time for current monographs, variant editions of classic works, and association books, that is, books belonging to or inscribed by members of the Roosevelt family, which can be accessed by searching the term: Association items, and are mostly being classed on a new number: 140.63. There are a number of others not yet added but which for the time being appear unclassified in HOLLIS.  Records were also added for all albums and special groups of photographs from the VIA project (see below), linking both to the more detailed records in HOLLIS for this project, and to the VIA records themselves. To access: Collection website: Printed Works--OASIS link; or: DCSL--Supplement.  To browse through these recent additions to the OASIS catalog, search successively for AAA20 and AAA21, for two traversals of the catalog in shelflist (call-number) order.  The classification scheme has also added 112 for juvenile biographies (of which some fifty have been accumulated to be added to the database), into which previously cataloged items in this category will eventually be reclassified.

PHOTOGRAPHS: TRC photographs in VIA now include some 200 images in a family portrait group, at the bottom of the menu in the Pictures section of the website. This encompasses photographs of Theodore's wives and children (and their families) individually or in groups, with or without Theodore himself. (Note that because of copyright concerns, post-1922 images are shown outside the Harvard network in thumbnail size only.) A later group to be called the Roosevelt connection will include Theodore's ancestors, parents, siblings, and collateral relatives. At this point the photograph project has been suspended at 1910 (39 groups, 4700 images) because of lack of funding. Future groups would also include: Sudan/Egypt (1910), Europe (1910), Progressive period (1910-1912), South American trip (1913-1914), other later travels (1913-1915), last years (1916-1919), presidential/postpresidential portraits, portraits in non-photographic media, non-Roosevelt portraits, homes presidential/postpresidential and of other family, and memorials.

MANUSCRIPTS: Accessions of note during the previous year include school compositions from Oyster Bay's Cove Neck School assessing Theodore Roosevelt (Edmund Morris, *2011M-59), papers of Helen Watson Sanderson relating to TR's visit to the Sandersons on his African safari (Kilgour, Streeter, and Theodore Roosevelt funds, *2011M-60), and a letter from Edith Roosevelt to Philip James Roosevelt, Dec. 5, 1918, about Theodore's latest hospital stay (Kilgour Fund, *2011M-85). These may be found in HOLLIS on records 009132841 and 009132842.

MANUSCRIPT COPIES: The Manuscript Copies finding aid in OASIS (trc00032) has been updated with listings for MC 73-93.

CONCLUSION:This issue of the newsletter must end on a personal note. I am retiring from Harvard at the end of the month. Effective June 29, the current e-mail address will be succeeded by trc@fas.harvard.edu.  For those who wish to communicate with me solely on a personal basis, I will be at wfdailey@verizon.net.  Although the goal of an endowed full-time curatorship to ensure continued growth of and enhanced access to the collection’s holdings is not yet realized, nevertheless it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Heather Cole, Houghton Library's Assistant Curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts, has agreed to assume the additional post of Curator of the Theodore Roosevelt Collection, effective July first.  I have high hopes for her tenure and know that you will all give her your full cooperation. And so, to the officers and members of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, which originated the collection, to donors to the collection, notably members of the Roosevelt family, and to the collection’s clientele, who above all others realize the value of the collection to the world of Theodore Roosevelt studies, I tender my best wishes.

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