Antonio Sorgato, photographer. The Longfellow Family in Italy.  Photograph, 1869.


* 2001M-8, box 2. Purchased with the Bayard Livingston and Kate Gray Kilgour fund, 2001. Houghton Library.

The photograph was taken during Longfellow's last European trip, on which he was accompanied by his entire clan (with the exception of Charley, who, after their arrival in Paris, took the earliest opportunity to abscond, ending up in India).

Standing, from left to right, are Longfellow's brother Samuel, his daughter Alice Longfellow, his brother-in-law Thomas Gold Appleton, his son Ernest Longfellow and the latter's new wife, Harriet Spelman Longfellow. Seated, from left to right, framed by the two widowed Longfellow sisters, Mary Longfellow Greenleaf and Anne Longfellow Pierce, are Longfellow's daughter Edith Longfellow, the poet himself, and his daughter Anne Allegra. Photographer Sorgato (1825-1885) opened his Venetian studio in 1860 and established a reputation among traveling foreigners.