Lamont Library

Laptop Lockers

There are 35 self-service laptop lockers located in the stacks on the first floor between the main corridor and the reading room. These lockers are intended for short-term storage. They are not equipped with power outlet for recharging laptops.

Terms of Use

  • Self service lockers are designed for the short term storage of patron’s laptops and valuables
  • Do not place unchecked library materials in these lockers
  • Do not place food or liquids in these lockers
  • Lockers will be emptied each Saturday morning at 8:00 am by HCL Operations. All books will be returned to Lamont Circulation and all other items removed from the lockers will be sent to the lost and found at the Widener Mass Ave security desk

Any and all questions or issues pertaining to these lockers should be addressed to HCL Operations 617-495-2408, not the Lamont Library staff.

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