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Biblioteca Mozartiana Eric Offenbacher (BMEO) Facsimiles and Textbooks


Handel, George Frideric. Letter to Charles Jennens. Dublin, 29 December 1741. Facsimile. Taken from Die Musik 15, no. 2 (1922).

"I saw the continuation of your kindness by the lines you was pleased to send me, in order to be prefixd to your Oratorio Messiah, which I set to Musick before I left England." This letter is inserted into George Frideric Handel, Der Messias: Oratorium, rev. and ed. from the autograph score and the parts at the Foundlings Hospital in London by Arnold Schering and Kurt Soldan (Leipzig: C. F. Peters, [1939?]), in the BMEO. The first performance of Messiah took place in Dublin on 13 April 1742 under the composer's direction.

Jelinek, Franz Xaver, ed. [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.] Selections. [Salzburger Mozart-Album: Eine Auswahl von W. A. Mozart's ersten Compositionen und andern, im Archive des Mozarteums zu Salzburg befindlichen, im photographischen Lichtdruck originalgetreu wiedergegebenen musikalisch-litterarischen Seltenheiten, sowie eines kurzen Lebensabrisses.] Salzburg: Verlag der Gebrüder Krakowitzer, 1874. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.410 BMEO; Mus 745.1.410

Reduced size of the identical larger 1871 edition. Contains facsimiles of the autographs of K. 5b and 125h. Includes two inserts containing bibliographical information.

Mozart, Leopold. Reise-Aufzeichnungen 1763-1771. 27 faksimilierte handschriftliche Blätter. Im Auftrage des Mozarteums zu Salzburg zum ersten Male vollständig herausgegeben und erläutert von Arthur Schurig. Dresden, 1920. Isham Mus 4194.15.56; Isham 3582.15.1 (microfilm); Isham 3710.369.24.9 (6) (microfilm)

See review in Mozart-Jahrbuch 1 (1923), 168-70.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Ave verum corpus. [Ave verum.] Faksimile nach dem in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien aufbewahrten Autograph. Vienna: Bundesministerium für Unterricht, 1956. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.581.5 BMEO

K. 618. Introduction by Leopold Nowak. This prized facsimile in the BMEO comes from the Oldman collection. It was issued in 1956, bound in pig leather with a matching slip-case, as a gift to special VIPs by the Austrian Government (Ministry of Education) on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mozart's birth. It was never commercially available. The reproduction is so life-like as to look like the original manuscript. References: Viktor Keldorfer, "Betrachtungen über Handschriften Mozarts," Mozartgemeinde Wien 1913-1963: Forscher und Interpreten (Vienna: Mozartgemeinde Wien, 1964), 218n; Cornelius Preiss, "Mozarts "Ave Verum": Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Manuskriptes," Mozart-Jahrbuch 2 (1924), 235-38. Includes inserted typewritten reference to these related secondary sources.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Deutsche Tänze. [Deutsche Tänze, KV 509. Faksimile nach der im Besitz der Deutschen Staatsbibliothek in Berlin befindlichen Urschrift.] Edited by Wilhelm Virneisel. Leipzig: C. F. Peters, [1955]. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.239.25 BMEO

12 oblong leaves. Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 569. On page 12 Mozart in an "Anmerkung" writes out instructions for performance of these "6 Tedeschi".

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Piano Music, Selections. [The Earliest Compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.] Edited by Edward J. Dent and Erich Valentin, in association with H. J. Laufer of the Deutsche Mozart-Gesellschaft. Munich: Verlag Hermann Rinn, 1956. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.440 BMEO; Isham Mus 745.1.440

English edition of Der früheste Mozart, also in the BMEO.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Piano Music, Selections. [Der früheste Mozart.] Edited by Edward J. Dent and Erich Valentin. Munich: Verlag Hermann Rinn, 1956. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.441 BMEO; Isham Mus 745.1.441

Contains facsimiles in Leopold Mozart's hand of K. 1a, b, c & d, composed by little Wolfgang during 1761. Includes inserted photocopied material extracted from Otto Schneider, Mozart in Wirklichkeit (Vienna: Verlag Paul Kaltschmid, 1955), 11-32. English edition also held in the BMEO.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Serenades, K. 361, B-Flat Major. [Gran Partita, K. 361. A Facsimile of the Holograph in the Whittall Foundation Collection.] Washington, DC: The Library of Congress, 1976. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.201.4 BMEO

With an introduction by Alfred Einstein, written in 1946. A review of this facsimile edition may be found in Notes 34 (1977), 352-54, a photocopy of which is inserted in this volume. See also Daniel N. Leeson and David Whitwell, "Concerning Mozart's Serenade in B-flat for Thirteen Instruments, K. 361 (370a)," Mozart-Jahrbuch 1976/77, 97-130.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Klavier-Trio in E-Dur (Köchel-Verz. Nr. 542). Facsimile of the autograph in the Preußische Staatsbibliothek. Munich: Drei Masken Verlag, 1921. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.390 BMEO

Reproduced complete for the first time. Attractive hard cover modern binding. Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 615. See review by Hermann Abert in Mozart-Jahrbuch 1 (1923), 179-80. Includes inserted note referring to this review.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Eine kleine Nachtmusik. [Eine kleine Nachtmusik, 1787. Faksimile der Original-Handschrift herausgegeben von Manfred Gorke.] Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1955. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.200 BMEO

Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 589. Includes inserted clipped book review, "A Mozart Score," Times Literary Supplement, 2 December 1955.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. ["Un moto di gioia", KV 579, Arie der Susanna in "Le Nozze di Figaro". Klavierauszug, Faksimile des Autographs.] Vienna: [Archiv der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde?], 1982. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.636.9 BMEO

One of 500 offprint copies made from the autograph in the Archiv der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna. Complete on one leaf (2 sides) in folder. Ref.: not known to Köchel, 6th ed.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Requiem, K. 626, D minor. [Mozarts Requiem. Nachbildung der Originalhandschrift Cod. 17561 der K. K. Hofbibliothek in Wien in Lichtdruck.] Edited by Alfred Schnerich. Vienna: Gesellschaft für graphische Industrie, [1913]. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.557 BMEO

Rare first facsimile issue of the complete autograph, watermarks reproduction and numbered list of subscribers. This copy, no. 70, was acquired by Prof. Dr. Adolf Thürlings of Bern. See original review by Ernst Lewicki in Die Musik 14, no. 1 (October 1914), 40, inserted in this volume. See also review by Christoph Wolff of the 1990 reprint in 19th-Century Music 15 (1991), 162-65, also inserted in this volume. New spine.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Concertos, piano, orchestra, K. 491, C minor. [Piano Concerto in C minor, K. 491 (facsimile). With a Foreword by Watkins Shaw and a Critical Introduction by Denis Matthews. Reproduced from the autograph manuscript in the Royal College of Music, London.] Kilkenny, Ireland: Boethius Press, 1979. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.219.18 BMEO Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Concertos, piano, orchestra, K. 467, C major. [Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, K. 467. The Autograph Score (facsimile). The Pierpont Morgan Library Music Manuscript Reprint Series.] New York: The Pierpont Morgan Library in association with Dover Publications, 1985. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.208.3 BMEO

Paperbound. Introduction by Jan LaRue ("Origins of the manuscript"; "Idiosyncrasies of Mozart's handwriting"; "Mozart's revisions"). "A Note on the History of the Manuscript" by J. Rigbie Turner.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Concertos, piano, orchestra, K. 537, D major. [Piano Concerto No. 26 in D Major ("Coronation"), K. 537. The Autograph Score (facsimile). The Pierpont Morgan Library Music Manuscript Reprint Series.] New York: The Pierpont Morgan Library in association with Dover Publications, 1991. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.177.3 BMEO

Paperbound. Introduction by Alan Tyson.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Preludes, piano. [Praeludium. Faksimile-Ausgabe.] Edited by Imre Sulyok. Budapest: Editio Musica, 1977. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.439.8 BMEO

Praeludium, K. deest. First edition. This Praeludium is recorded in the Philips Complete Mozart Edition, Volume 45, "Rarities & Surprises", on CD 3. Inserted typewritten reference to this recording, and an inserted photocopied page from the Neue Mozart Ausgabe, Serie IX, Werkgruppe 27, Bd. 2, xxxiii.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Rondos, piano, K. 511, A minor. [Rondo A Moll, K.V. 511. Faksimile nach der früher im Besitz der Musikbibliothek Peters befindlichen Urschrift.] Leipzig: C. F. Peters, [1955?]. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.412.5 BMEO

Three leaves, oblong. Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 571.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Der Schauspieldirektor. [Der Schauspieldirektor. The Impresario. A Comedy with Music in One Act, K. 486. Facsimile of the autograph manuscript in the Mary Flagler Cary Music Collection, The Pierpont Morgan Library.] New York: The Pierpont Morgan Library, 1976. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.618 BMEO

In slip case. Introduction by J. Rigbie Turner.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Symphonies, K. 551, C major. [Symphonie C (Jupiter), Koechel No. 551. Facsimile Reproduction of the original manuscript. Original: Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Berlin. Philharmonia-Facsimiledrucke No.2.] Vienna: Wiener Philharmonischer Verlag, 1923. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.59.10 BMEO

Rare early facsimile of the complete autograph. Contemporary binding.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Symphonies, K. 385, D major. [Symphony No.35 in D, K. 385, "Haffner" Symphony. Facsimile of the original manuscript owned by the National Orchestral Association, New York.] New York: Oxford University Press, 1968. Merritt Room Mus 745. BMEO

Introduction by Sidney Beck.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Das Veilchen. [Das Veilchen. Facsimile edition of the autograph.] Vienna: Herbert Reichner Verlag, 1936. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.707 BMEO

Includes supplementary remark by Alfred Einstein. For commentary on the autograph and analysis of the music, see John Arthur and Carl Schachter, "Mozart's Das Veilchen: a commentary on the autograph and an analysis of the music," The Musical Times 130 (1989), 149-55 (copy is in BMEO xerox file).

Nettl, Paul. Das Veilchen - The Violet: The History of a Song. New York: Storm Publishers, 1949. Merritt Room Mus 745.1.707.10 BMEO

Contains facsimile reprint of Artaria's first edition which is in BMEO. Note also a German version by the same author: "Das Veilchen, Geschichte eines Liedes," in Mozart-Jahrbuch 1955 (Salzburg: Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, 1956), 158-169. See also, John Arthur and Carl Schachter, "Mozart's Das Veilchen: a commentary on the autograph and an analysis of the music," The Musical Times 130 (1989), 149-55. Copy is in BMEO xerox file. Includes inserted typewritten reference to a related source.

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Textbooks (Libretti)

Beaumarchais, Pierre Caron Augustin de. Le Mariage de Figaro. Paris: A. Quantin, 1884.Bleiler, Ellen H., ed. Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Dover Opera Guide and Libretto Series. New York: Dover, 1964. Merritt Room Mus 574.479.35 BMEO Bretzner, Christoph Friedrich. Die Entführung aus dem Serail. Ein Singspiel in drey Aufzügen. Nach Breznern. Die Musik von Mozart. Für die k. k. Hoftheater. Libretto. Vienna: Johann Baptist Wallishausser, 1808.

Textbook in German. Much used and in poor condition. Contains interpolated pages with text changes and stage directions.

Broder, Nathan, et al. The Great Operas of Mozart: Complete Librettos in the Original Language with English Versions. New York: G. Schirmer, 1962; rpt., New York: Norton, 1964. Merritt Room Mus 570.73.2 BMEO

Contains essays on Mozart and on each opera.

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Die Hochzeit des Figaro oder Der tolle Tag. Oper in vier Aufzügen. Musik von Mozart. Libretto. Dresden: C. C. Meinhold & Söhne, s.a.

Textbook in German.

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Mozart. Figaros Hochzeit. Oper in vier Aufzügen. Dichtung von Lorenzo da Ponte. Libretto. Stuttgart: Als ein Versuch für das Philobiblon gesetzt und gedruckt in den Werkstätten der Württembergischen Staatlichen Kunstgewerbeschule Stuttgart, Winter 1931/32.

Text in German of Act I, Scene 1 only.

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Mozart's Don Juan. Revised and edited by Max Kalbeck. Vienna: Verlag von Albert J. Gutmann, 1886.

Freely revised German libretto (see also under books).

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Le Nozze di Figaro, dramma giocoso in quattro atti. Le Mariage de Figaro, opéra bouffon en quatre actes. Représenté la première fois, à Paris, sur le Théâtre de l'Impératrice, le 19 Décembre 1807. Libretto. 2d ed. Paris: Au Théatre de l'Impératrice, 1808.

Textbook in Italian and French. On page 3 it says in a footnote: "La Musique est du célèbre Mozart." This is the second edition of the original textbook for the first performance of Figaro in Paris. The new hard covers were done for E. O. in contemporary imitation. Includes an inserted typewritten slip containing a reference to a secondary source.

Dryden, John. Timotheus, oder die Gewalt der Musik. Grosse Cantate aus dem Englischen des Dryden übersetzt von Carl Wilhelm Ramler. In Musik gesetzt von G. F. Haendel. Mit vermehrter Begleitung der Blasinstrumente von W. A. Mozart. Libretto. Vienna: Johann Baptist Wallishausser, s.a.

The textbook is for Handel's oratorio Alexander's Feast. According to Köchel, 6th ed., K. 591, it was used for a "monster" concert in the Winterreitschule on 29 November 1812. Includes two inserted slips of paper containing further references.

Favart, Marie Justine Benoite, and Harny de Guerville. Les Amours de Bastien et Bastienne, Parodie du Devin de Village. Libretto. The Hague: Pierre Gosse Junior, 1760.

Original issue, uncut leaves, modern binding. Rare. This French text formed the basis for Friedrich Wilhelm Weiskern's free translation which Mozart used for his Singspiel "Bastien und Bastienne", K. 50/46b. Includes inserted photocopied excerpt from Otto Bacher, "Zur Geschichte der Oper auf Frankfurter Boden im 18. Jahrhundert," Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft 8, no. 2 (November 1925), 101.

Handel, George Frideric. The Messiah; a sacred oratorio, as it will be performed with Mozart's Additional Accompaniments, in the Cathedral, on Friday morning, September 24th, 1847. Libretto. Gloucester: D. M. Walker, [1847].

Textbook in English. Gloucester Music Festival, 1847.

Handel, George Frideric. Der Messias, ein Oratorium. In Musik gesetzt von Händel. Mit vermehrter Instrumental-Begleitung von Mozart. Libretto. Vienna: Anton Strauss, 1815.

Textbook in German. Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 645 (last line of "Ausgaben"). Both textbooks inserted into full score.

Molière [Jean Baptiste Poquelin]. Le Festin de Pierre. Comedie. Par J. B. P. de Moliere. Libretto. Paris: Guillaume de Luyne, 1699.

French textbook in prose. Original issue. The initials "J. B. P." on the title page stand for Jean Baptiste Poquelin, the real name of Molière. See Angermüller, Don-Juan Register (Munich, 1987), 4, about the date of the first performance for which reprints of the program are inserted in the BMEO copy. Further reference in BMEO: Alfons Rosenberg, Don Giovanni: Mozarts Oper und Don Juans Gestalt (Munich: Prestel, 1968), 58-65. Includes several insertions: photocopied excerpt from Stefan Kunze, Don Giovanni vor Mozart: Die Tradition der Don-Giovanni-Opern im Italienischen Buffa-Theater des 18. Jahrhunderts (Munich: W. Fink, 1972); two photocopied pages from a program; a typewritten note by E. O.; and a slip containing bibliographic information on this edition.

Schikaneder, Emanuel. Die Zauberflöte. Eine große Oper in zwey Aufzügen. Von Emmanuel Schikaneder. Die Musik ist von Herrn Wolfgang Amade Mozart, Kapellmeister, und wirklichem k. k. Kammer-Compositeur. Libretto. Facsimile ed. Vienna: Ignaz Alberti, 1791; Vienna: Offizin Cyliax Druck, 1942. Merritt Room Mus 596.62.9 BMEO

Facsimile reprint of the first textbook plus an appended essay by Michael Maria Rabenlechner, published as the Jahresgabe of the Wiener Bibliophilen-Gesellschaft. Also see Alfons Rosenberg, "Versuch einer Deutung des Titel-Kupferstiches im Original- Textbuch der 'Zauberflöte' von 1791," in BMEO xerox file (typewritten reference to this article is inserted in this volume). Privately printed after 1970. Typewritten copy in BMEO xerox file.

Schikaneder, Emanuel. Die Zauberflöte. Eine große Oper in zwey Aufzügen. Von Emmanuel Schikaneder. Die Musik ist von Herrn Wolfgang Amade Mozart, Kapellmeister, und wirklichem k. k. Kammer-Compositeur. Frankfurt and Leipzig: s.n., 1794. Merritt Room Mus 596.62.28 BMEO

Rare early textbook. Frontispiece shows Emanuel Schikaneder as Papageno in colorful engraving. See comments by Walther Brauneis on this frontispiece in Mitteilungen der Internationalen Stiftung Mozarteum 41, nos. 3-4, (November 1993), 49f.

Schikaneder, Emanuel [J. G. K. L. Giesecke]. Die Zauberflöte. (Il Flauto magico.) Deutsche Oper in zwei Akten von Emanuel Schikaneder (J. G. K. L. Giesecke). Musik von W. A. Mozart. Libretto. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, s.a.

Textbook in German. The author of the introduction to this Zauberflöte textbook, Hans Michael Schletterer (1824-1893), brought out numerous opera textbooks for Breitkopf & Härtel. This one may date from the 1860's. It contains the complete cast of the first performance. Among the Genii there is a Nanette Schikaneder (Emanuel's daughter?). Includes inserted typewritten note containing this information.

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