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Widener Collection of Newspapers on Microfilm
Search Help

This search will help locate United States or foreign newspapers on microfilm held in the Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room (NMRR) in Widener Library.

It is possible to perform a search by entering information in only one field of the search box.

Country, State

  • Choose a specific Country to see only holdings from that country.
  • Choose a specific State to see only holdings from that U.S. state. You can only select a state if you select United States in the Country box, or if you do not select a country.

City, Title, Call Number

  • The City, Title and Call Number boxes search for keywords you type. If you type London Times into the Title box, you will see only holdings whose titles contain both the word London and the word Times, for instance, the Times of London.
  • The search is not case sensitive: uppercase and lowercase letters are treated identically.
  • You can enter at most ten words (separate search terms) in each box.
  • You can also use the wildcard character * to denote any character or sequence of characters, and ? to denote any single character.
    1. Searching for City = new* will find holdings from New York, but also Newton, Efrog Newydd, and any other city whose name contains a word that starts with the letters "new".
    2. Searching for City = *n?k* will find holdings from Minsk, Bangkok, and any other city whose name contains somewhere within it an N, exactly one character, then a K.


  • You can use the Year controls to search for holdings which contain a given year, or contain something that falls within a range of years, as follows:
    1. To find all newspapers from 1916, select "is exactly" and enter 1916 in the first box.
    2. To find all newspapers in the range between 1941 and 1945, change "is exactly" to "is between", and select "is between", enter 1941 in the first box and enter 1945 in the second box.

Harvard Depository

  • If you want to search only materials housed on-site at Widener Library, and exclude those housed at the Harvard Depository, click No under "Include holdings stored off-site at the Harvard Depository in this search?"

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