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Tudesco, Miller Honored with Ishimoto Award

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The 2011 Ishimoto Award winners, Jindra Miller and Sarah Tudesco (holding certificates), are pictured with Librarian for the Sciences Lynne Schmelz, Interim Head of Harvard College Library Susan Fliss, and Associate Librarian Marilyn Wood. The award is presented annually for distinguished service on behalf of the Library.


December 8, 2011 – Sarah Tudesco and Jindra Miller are the recipients of the 2011 Carol Ishimoto Award for Distinguished Service in the Harvard College Library.

Created through a 1991 endowment established by former Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Cataloging and Processing Carol Ishimoto, the award annually recognizes a member or group of the professional staff who has advanced the mission of the Library through exceptional contributions and leadership, and includes a cash award and citation for creative professional achievement of the highest order.

At the award presentation today, Susan Fliss, Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Research, Teaching, and Learning and Interim Librarian of Harvard College, said, “Jinda Miller and Sarah Tudesco are being rewarded today for their exceptional contributions and leadership. In reviewing their nominations there were several common themes in their work: extra effort, dedication, creativity, curiosity and determination, generosity, and willingness to collaborate. I commend you and thank you for putting yourselves wholeheartedly into your work. Your colleagues and the Library community benefit greatly from your efforts.”

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Sarah Tudesco, Collection Management Analyst and Reporting Librarian for Harvard College Library, is credited with going well beyond the scope of her assigned work to contribute to two significant projects, in addition to a number of other efforts this year. She was responsible for the organization and oversight of the JSTOR project, which was initiated to bring together serial collections from twelve participating libraries under a single holding at the Harvard Depository. Tudesco oversaw the collection and analysis of data, designed a workflow, and hired a project team. Under her leadership they processed over 1,000 titles and over 35,000 volumes. The result of their work will free up valuable shelf space on campus, maintain access to the print copy, and bring together the most complete run of each journal to make the catalog record easier for patrons to navigate.

“Sarah showed great leadership in managing a complex project across the Harvard Library system. She has shown us all the future of collaboration among the libraries,” wrote nominator Cheryl McGrath, Head of Access Services for Widener and Lamont.

Tudesco was also cited for her work on the Faculty Reserves Information project. Partnering with staff from Services for Academic Programs and Access Services, she was instrumental in the design and execution of HCL’s first outreach to faculty about the use of their course reserves materials in Lamont. Nominator Laura Farwell Blake, Head of Services for Academic Programs, said, “Sarah’s thoughtful and sensible approach to this large scale project made it possible. Her skills are unique in our organization. She identified the existing sources of data and found the gaps, worked with us to fill in the gaps and to create an automated but personal message for each faculty member. Lamont supported over 368 courses in the Fall semester alone, so managing the data was not an insignificant task... It was Sarah who made it happen and it is her work that will allow us to continue to develop this project to benefit all of the libraries.”

“Jindra’s contributions to reporting and assessment, collection management, collection development, and serials management provide fundamental support for core operations at Cabot Library and other HCL science libraries. She always offers creative solutions for challenges, willingly shares her expertise, professionally manages projects, and is willing to use cutting edge technologies  and explore new frontiers for the library,” said Lynne Schmelz, Librarian for the Sciences and Librarian of the Cabot Science Library.

Miller, Head of Technical Services at Cabot Science Library, had a busy year. She has been instrumental in the effective management of complex serials issues in the sciences and the financial management of collections budgets. She designed a COGNOS report that synthesized financial data at various times of the year and provided first Cabot, and then the other libraries, with reliable information that allowed improved management of collections budgets and planning future fiscal years.  She collaborated on the creation of a series of detailed reports that track collection usage and can be customized for select groups of materials. 

Continually interested in the application of technologies, Miller freely assists staff with various projects and introduced the use of QR codes in Cabot to direct users to useful information about collections and services. This year when the Loeb Design Library transferred over 250 linear shelf feet of U.S. government soil surveys to Cabot, Miller created and transferred BIB and holding records and then created a new call number for each survey. Lastly, in addition to her regular duties, she served on the HCL Technical Services Centralization Planning & Implementation Council and its Serials Subgroup.