About Preservation & Imaging

The Preservation & Imaging (P&I) unit in the Harvard College Library works in partnership with the Weissman Preservation Center in the Harvard University Library (HUL) to provide a broad range of preservation, conservation, reformatting, metadata creation, and advisory services for the libraries and other entities at Harvard. Collectively, P&I and the Weissman work to protect, preserve, and disseminate the vast collections held at Harvard in support of research, teaching, and scholarship.

HCL's Preservation & Imaging programs include state-of-the-art collections conservation, commercial binding preparation, and shelf preparation services for the College Library; and high-quality reformatting and associated metadata creation programs for all libraries and other entities at Harvard. Two divisions, Conservation Services and Imaging Services, make up the Preservation & Imaging unit.

HUL's Weissman Preservation Center programs include state-of-the-art special collections conservation for all libraries at Harvard; metadata creation programs that complement those in HCL Preservation & Imaging and that support reformatting university-wide; and analog and digital preservation advisory, policy development, and support services for libraries and other entities at Harvard.

For information about the Weissman Preservation Center, visit Library Preservation at Harvard and see Preservation & Imaging/Weissman Center Staff Directory for a complete listing of the department's staff.

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Conservation Services

Conservation Services, an HCL division based in Widener, consists of two groups: the Collections Conservation Lab and the Binding and Shelf Preparation group. Each provides a full range of services to HCL libraries, as well as training and consulting services to other libraries at Harvard. For information about how HCL Conservation Services fits into the University-wide library preservation program see Library Preservation at Harvard.

Collections Conservation Lab

Collections Conservation Lab
Widener Library, D-10
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel: 617-496-2403
Fax: 617-495-0403

Work is done in the HCL Collections Conservation Lab, a state-of-the-art facility occupying 3,400 square feet in Widener Library. It includes areas devoted to preservation review, collections care, conservation treatment, reformatting preparation, and construction of protective enclosures. It houses and makes available a reference library of bookbinding manuals and videotapes, supply catalogs, and materials on library preservation.

The lab handles all phases of conservation treatment for Widener Library collections. Its staff also performs intermediate and advanced conservation treatment and makes enclosures for other HCL units. Conservators provide conservation training, surveys, environmental monitoring, and consulting services to HCL units.

More information about the HCL Collections Conservation Lab is available on the Library Preservation at Harvard website.

Binding and Shelf Preparation

Binding and Shelf Preparation
625 Mass. Ave., LL-11, LL-25
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Tel: 617-495-2429

The Binding and Shelf Preparation Group purchases a wide range of commercial library binding services and prepares newly cataloged, newly bound, repaired, and rebound materials for library use. It is committed to ensuring that items entering the collections are protected by sound bindings or archival quality enclosures, and that they are clearly, accurately, and thoughtfully marked.

While its primary focus is the Widener Library collection, the unit provides advice, training, and support for other HCL units on issues involving library binding and shelf preparation.

More information about the Binding and Shelf Preparation group is available on the Library Preservation at Harvard website.

Heather Caldwell, Head, Conservation Services

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Imaging Services

Imaging Services

Widener Library, D Level

Public Service Point
Widener Library
Ground Floor, Room G-81
Tel: 617-495-3995
Fax: 617-495-0403

10 am–2 pm, M–F
Imaging Services Staff Directory

Imaging Services, an HCL division based in Widener and a component of Harvard's Preservation Program, provides a broad range of services designed to protect at-risk library materials and to extend scholarly access to Harvard's collections beyond the University. Imaging Services does this by providing microfilm and paper reproductions of our collections for research purposes, participating in digitization projects, and improving bibliographic access to at-risk, damaged, or rare materials. Offices are located on D-level and the public service point is located in room G-81, Widener Library.

William Comstock, Head, Imaging Services

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