Finding Images of East Asia at Harvard and Beyond

1. Introduction

This guide provides an overview of East Asia-related photographs and other visual resources held at Harvard and elsewhere. It is not comprehensive for holdings at Harvard or of resources available elsewhere. The focus is primarily on photographs, although information on other types of images is included selectively.

To find out more about photographs and other images available at Harvard and elsewhere, please get in touch with relevant librarians and curators. Follow the links to specific collections under the Directory of Photographs at Harvard to find contact information.

For copyright information on specific images, please see individual sites and publishers.

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Searching HOLLIS for books of East Asian photographs and images

1. Go to HOLLIS
2. Click on "Advanced Search"
3. Choose "Subject" and enter "Pictorial Works" in the first search box.
4. In the next search box, enter the place name or region (e.g. Vietnam, Seoul, Hunan, Hokkaido) for which you would like to search.
5. Limit by language and / or year of publication. If you would like to select more than one language, hold down the control key while scrolling through and selecting the second (third, etc.) language.

You may also wish to try more specific terms such as photography, photograph?, etc. Another approach is to enter relevant terms in Chinese, Japanese or Korean. For example, 中國 and 照片 may find works from particular Chinese artists or other materials that have not been assigned the "Pictorial works" subject heading.

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Searching for online resources

Many search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, now offer an "Images" option where you can limit your searching to images. Because results for general search terms (e.g. Japan) are likely to be numerous, you may wish to limit your search by using more specific terms (e.g. Tokkaido) or multiple terms linked by Boolean operators such as + (and) or - (not). For example, you might try +Japan +bamboo +Edo.

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