Cabot Science Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Lynne Schmelz Librarian for the Sciences and Librarian of the Cabot Science Library 617-495-5351 E-mail
Susan Berstler Computer Support Associate 617-496-2830 E-mail
Ronald Lacey Staff Assistant 617-495-5352 E-mail


Rosanne Sheridan Head of Access Services for Physical and Life Sciences 6174969938 E-mail
Lidia Berger Reserves and Day Supervisor 617-495-5355 E-mail
Austin Haley Library Assistant 617-495-5355 E-mail
Marybeth Miller Library Assistant 617-495-5355 E-mail

Collection Development

Michael Leach Head of Collection Development 617-495-0791 E-mail

Collection Management

Allen Bourque Head of Collection Management and Circulation 617-496-8805 E-mail


617-495-5353 E-mail
Philip Gerstein Reference Assistant 617-496-5534 E-mail

Technical Services

Isabel Quintana Head of Technical Services and Senior Cataloger 617-495-2292 E-mail
Lisa Carper Cataloging Assistant 617-495-2292 E-mail