Fine Arts Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mary Clare Altenhofen Herman and Joan Suit Librarian for the Fine Arts Library 617-496-3592 E-mail
Jeannette Shindell Administrative Coordinator 617-495-3373 E-mail

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Art & Architecture

Andras Riedlmayer Bibliographer in Islamic Art and Architecture 617-495-3372 E-mail
Ophelia John Visual Resources Librarian for Islamic Art and Architecture 617-495-3376 E-mail

Asian Art

Nanni Deng Asian Art Bibliographer 617-495-0570 E-mail


Amanda Bowen Head of Collections 617-496-1503 E-mail
Joanne Bloom Toplyn Photographic Resources Librarian 617-495-4656 E-mail

Digital Image and Slide Collections

Spruill Harder Head of Access Services for Arts, Design and Music 617-495-4982 E-mail
William Connor Visual Resources Librarian 617-495-3376 E-mail
Stephen Jennings Copystand Photographer 617-495-4554 E-mail
Albert Morales Public Services Supervisor 617-495-4982 E-mail
Clayton Scoble Manager of the Digital Imaging Lab & Photography Studio 617-496-9570 E-mail
Vanessa Venti Digital Image Job Tracking Coordinator 617-495-3376 E-mail

Harvard Film Archive

Haden Guest Director 617-496-6605 E-mail
Brittany Gravely Editorial Assistant 617-496-3211 E-mail
Mark Johnson Vault Manager/ Film Trafficker 617-496-8438 E-mail
David Pendleton Programmer 617-496-6604 E-mail
John Quackenbush Media Technician (Projectionist) 617-495-5031 E-mail

Research and Public Services

Spruill Harder Head of Access Services for Arts, Design and Music 617-495-4982 E-mail
Denise O'Malley Public Services Supervisor - Evenings 617-384-7922 E-mail
Susan Sills Public Services and Reserves Supervisor 617-384-7922 E-mail
Emily Weirich Public Services Supervisor 617-495-3374 E-mail