Lamont Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail

Access Services

Joshua Parker Head of Access Services for Humanities and Social Sciences 781-795-6087 E-mail
Jackson Childs Team Leader for Access Services 617-495-2452 E-mail
Lynn Ansaldo Overnight Coordinator 617-495-2979 E-mail
Linda DiBenedetto Access Services Assistant 617-495-2979 E-mail
Caitlin Elwood Overnight Access Services Assistant 617-495-2979 E-mail
Paul Hanna Access Services Assistant 617-495-2979 E-mail
Gwang-Ho Kim Access Services Coordinator 617-495-2452 E-mail
Christopher Lenney Reserves Assistant 617-495-2452 E-mail

Maps, Media, Data, and Government Information

Martin Schreiner Head of Maps, Media, Data, and Government Information 617-496-1718 E-mail
Lynn Sayers Administration and Events Coordinator 617-495-2455 E-mail
John Baldisserotto Electronic Documents/Data Librarian 617-496-2534 E-mail
George Clark Environmental Research Librarian 617-496-6158 E-mail
Diane Sredl Data Reference Librarian 617-496-6936 E-mail
Julia Starkey Senior IT Liaison and Instructional Technology Support 617-496-1455 E-mail
Paul Worster Multimedia Librarian 617-495-8730 E-mail
Bonnie Burns Librarian for Geographic Information Services 617-496-8125 E-mail
Joseph Garver Librarian for Research Services and Collection Development 617-496-3670 E-mail
Louise Baptiste Conservation/Exhibits Coordinator - Harvard Map Collection 617-495-2417 E-mail
Whitley Frost Geographic Information Systems Technician - Harvard Map Collection 617-496-8365 E-mail
Jonathan Rosenwasser Collection Management Assistant, Materials Transfer 617-495-2417 E-mail
Scott Walker Digital Cartography Specialist - Harvard Map Collection 617-496-8717 E-mail
Enrique Diaz Designer/Multimedia Specialist 617-496-6998 E-mail

Reference Services and Learning Technology

617-495-2106 E-mail
Colleen Bryant Reference Assistant 617-495-5480 E-mail
Geoff Carens Reference Assistant 617-496-3495 E-mail
David Cort Library Assistant 617-495-2411 E-mail
Stephen Kuehler Research Librarian 617-384-8270 E-mail

Services for Academic Programs

Laura Blake Head of Services for Academic Programs 617-496-0108 E-mail
Anna Esty Research Librarian 617-496-9815 E-mail
Emily Bell Research Librarian 617-496-9988 E-mail
Frederic Burchsted Research Librarian 617-495-4093 E-mail
Susan Gilroy Librarian for Undergraduate Programs for Writing 617-496-5403 E-mail
Ramona Islam Curricular Design and Research Librarian 617-384-5848 E-mail
Cheryl LaGuardia Research Librarian 617-496-4226 E-mail
Kathleen Sheehan Research Librarian 617-384-8089 E-mail