Houghton Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Houghton Library Reference Staff 617-495-2440 E-mail
Thomas Hyry

Florence Fearrington Librarian of Houghton Library and Director of Arts and Special Collections of the Harvard College Library

617-495-2441 E-mail
Anne-Marie Eze

Director of Scholarly and Public Programs

617-998-5210 E-mail
Monique Duhaime Staff Assistant 617-495-2441 E-mail
Dennis Marnon Administrative Officer 617-495-2443 E-mail


Peter Accardo Coordinator of Programs 617-496-4027 E-mail
Hope Mayo Philip Hofer Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts 617-495-2444 E-mail
Carie McGinnis Registrar/Preservation Librarian 617-495-9869 E-mail
Leslie Morris Curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts (1800-present) 617-495-2449 E-mail
John Overholt Curator of the Donald and Mary Hyde Collection of Samuel Johnson and Early Modern Books and Manuscripts (1600-1800) 617-495-2439 E-mail
Dale Stinchcomb Harvard Theatre Collection Curatorial Assistant 617-495-2445 E-mail
William Stoneman Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts (BCE-1600) 617-384-8636 E-mail
Matthew Wittmann Curator of the Harvard Theatre Collection 617-495-2445 E-mail

George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room

Christina Davis Curator 617-495-2454 E-mail
Mary Graham Assistant Curator 617-495-2454 E-mail

Harvard Library Bulletin

William Stoneman Editor 617-384-8636 E-mail
Dennis Marnon Coordinating Editor 617-495-2443 E-mail

Harvard Review

Christina Thompson Editor 617-495-9775 E-mail
Chloe Garcia Roberts Editorial Assistant 617-495-9775 E-mail


Susi Barbarossa Senior Conservation Technician for Special Collections 617-495-8596 E-mail
Laura Larkin Lake Conservator for Special Collections 617-496-8596 E-mail
Carie McGinnis Registrar/Preservation Librarian 617-495-9869 E-mail

Public Services

Kate Donovan Associate Librarian for Public Services 617-495-2442 E-mail
James Capobianco Reference Librarian 617-998-5205 E-mail
Ramon Cartwright Circulation/Preservation Assistant 617-998-5204 E-mail
Mary Haegert Reproductions Coordinator 617-998-5207 E-mail
Susan Halpert Reference Librarian 617-998-5208 E-mail
Emilie Hardman Research, Instruction, and Digital Initiatives Librarian at Houghton Library 617-496-5048 E-mail
Micah Hoggatt Reference Librarian 617-998-5202 E-mail
Emily Walhout Reference Assistant 617-998-5203 E-mail
Joseph Zajac Stack Supervisor 617-998-5206 E-mail

Technical Services

Susan Pyzynski Associate Librarian of Houghton Library for Technical Services 617-496-6340 E-mail
Michael Austin Manuscript Cataloger 617-998-5218 E-mail
Andrea Cawelti Ward Music Cataloger 617-998-5259 E-mail
Lewis Day Technical Services Librarian 617-495-2509 E-mail
Vicki Denby Curatorial Assistant 617-998-5151 E-mail
Vernica Downey Metadata Librarian 617-998-5212 E-mail
Robin Harney Library Assistant 617-998-5217 E-mail
Adrien Hilton Head of the Manuscript Section 617-998-5260 E-mail
Lillianne Keaney Horblit Project Cataloger 617-384-6948 E-mail
Irina Klyagin Project Archivist 617-998-5261 E-mail
Christina Linklater Houghton Music Cataloger 617-998-5263 E-mail
Jennifer Lyons Manuscript and Visual Resources Cataloger 617-384-6924 E-mail
Megan McNiff Bibliographic Assistant 617-998-5216 E-mail
Ashley Nary Project Archivist 617-998-5262 E-mail
Noah Sheola Bibliographic Assistant 617-998-5213 E-mail
Elaine Shiner Rare Book Cataloger 617-998-5219 E-mail
Ryan Wheeler Bibliographic Assistant 617-998-5211 E-mail
Melanie Wisner Accessioning Archivist 617-384-7373 E-mail
Susan Wyssen Manuscript Cataloger 617-496-9470 E-mail